An entertainment management who creates conceptual and innovative ideas to be performed on stage. Every creation is born from our creative minds, distinguishably‎ designed and developed to meet our extraordinary standard.

We are not only about the dance

Consisted of young passionate and talented individuals, onFrame is setting a high standard for artistic details and performance execution for each and every creation. Also, by being able to always adapt to the current trends and surroundings, onFrame management provides every clients with innovative performances at its best.

Established since 2009, onFrame Management has become one of the most prestigious performance management in town. Our deliberate performances are resulted from our vast experiences in the dance industry and our passion in the art industry.

Like no other dance management, onFrame dedicates a team for each project to ensure maximum focus and outcome for our client’s utmost satisfaction, while combined with excellent customer services which will take each experiences from Best to Beyond Expectation.


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